EP014 Gimp Your Images for Publication

EP014 Gimp Your Images for Publication

Feb 6, 2019. | By: Admin


In episode 14, we interview Pat David a Free Software advocate, occasional photographer and engineer about the GIMP project. We talked about how GIMP can be used by scientists to enhance their images for their publications. Also, Pat shared with us his strong opinions regarding scientific communication and why free software matters. You will also learn a few interesting trivia about the origins of the GIMP project, including the content of the original announcement email.

About GIMP:

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP, has been a fixture of the Free Software world since 1995. It has long been a standard cross-platform tool available to FL/OSS users for manipulating graphics and images, and is also the namesake of the GTK project (the GIMP Toolkit). For over twenty years GIMP has been available to help users create and modify all manner of graphics for scientific computing, photography, and digital arts.

About Pat David:

Pat David is a Free Software advocate, occasional photographer, and digital dabbler. He has been a member of the GIMP team for many years now, and did the recent re-design of the GIMP website. He is also the founder of the Free Software photography community PIXLS.US. His time is usually spent annoying, then helping, various FL/OSS projects (in that order).


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