EP023 Reproducible Science and Synthetic Datasets Using R

EP023 Reproducible Science and Synthetic Datasets Using R

Nov 6, 2019. | By: Admin


In episode 23, we interviewed Dan Quintana from the University of Oslo. We started the discussion with him by asking the link between all his subjects of interest and where R fits into his workflow. We then had an extensive discussion about R including his must have R packages and the synthpop package for generating synthetic datasets. We then widened the discussion and talked about the multiple facets of open science and reproducibility. Dan then talked about what he sees as one of the next big challenge of science. We finished the interview with our usual quick questions.

About Dan Quintana:

Dan Quintana is a Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Center for Mental Disorders Research at the University of Oslo. While his primary research focus is in the field of biological psychiatry, he also works in the in the emerging discipline of meta-research, whose goal is to evaluate and improve research practices. He also co-hosts ‘Everything Hertz’, a bi-monthly podcast on methodology, scientific transparency, and research life in the biobehavioral sciences.


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